Would your Boss like a Financial Boost?

Company Directors are always pretty busy, wall to wall meetings and a never-ending need to manage the diary effectively. All that and of course you know how important it is to improve cash flow – right?

Cash flow is ‘king’ in any business and never more so than in this current climate. Improving job security is on top of everyone’s minds and often increasing sales isn’t just the answer as there is a cost attached to that too.

How often do you think” Oh if only we could receive a windfall – so strings attached’!
Well if you haven’t had that thought, you can bet your bottom dollar your Boss has.

Pain-free cash injection into businesses right now is a glorious thought, and one, which could be realised within a few weeks, if the business qualifies. Yes, it’s true, a pain-free cash injection, which comes without conditions, as long as your business is eligible.

During the last two years;

• Has your business faced challenges either day to day or during a particular project?
• Has your company made an appreciable improvement to its process, system, material, product, service or device?
• Do your business make prototypes or product examples?
• Is waste a bi-product of the work that the firm undertakes?
• Has the company had to change the way that it works to fulfil and order or general market requirements?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the above, it is worth us having a chat. Why not be the person to facilitate a positive change within your business and earn oodles of brownie points into the bargain?

Don’t underestimate the value of a 5-minute chat, it could alter the course of the business that you work for, it could help to protect jobs, and in the very least, it could result in a happy boss! Now hasn’t that got to be worth thinking about?

In our experience, bosses have been bowled over with the results of an R&D claim and even invited the tax specialists expertise onto board meetings to offer advice in the business direction in the coming year so that the following years claim can be maximised as well.

It could be YOU that facilitates similar action that could not only protect your role, but those of colleagues as well as see perhaps a capital investment in the business or at the least a happier bank balance.

Please stop and think about this over a cuppa and then call us, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say…


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