Research by Huddersfield University

We are honoured to have two groups of Huddersfield University Business and Marketing students conducting their Market Research assignment on the HD8 Network, with the aim of improving the offering you receive from us.

They will be conducting their research in a variety of ways; online via facebook and other social media channels, via email and telephone (businesses only) and handing out leaflets in some of the villages.

So please help these budding students by giving your opinion, taking no longer than 5-10 minutes of your time, to help you receive the service you desire.

All information gathered will be used for only these purposes and we assure you that personal questions are only asked to help analyse the data.

We then plan to present you the results and proposed improvements following the research and recommendations.

Thank you for your participation

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time –

Improve your visibility on HD8 Network

The HD8 Network offers you a range of ways to get found in the HD8 area.

There are a number of ways to greatly increase the exposure of your organisation


  • Make sure you have a description on your directory and event listings containing ‘keywords’ enabling ‘google’ searches to pick up the information and provides useful content for the users to verify they have the right information when they find your listing and make contact with you.


  • Have contact details on your listings that are up to date and correct, as well as there being a response at the other end.


  • Provide us with content that we can publish on our social media platforms, email communications and news area on your behalf.


  • Attend networking events; helping other members to get to know you and your business, enabling them put you in touch with the people you need to speak to.


  • Becoming a speaker or exhibitor at our events.


We offer 4 levels of membership

  • The basic directory listing
  • The social member
  • Full member
  • Comprehensive member

Want more information about the promotions you could receive for your organisation? Please visit here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or anything else please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Facts and Figures December 2016

We have 184 Members of varying degrees and a Mailing List of over 1400.

In the last year received nearly 8000 visits, from just over 6000 users and received just under 16,000 page views.

Last month there were 680 sessions on the website. In October, when we held this year’s Business Show there were 916 sessions and we saw heightened traffic on the website since we started to announce the show.  We also saw a large number of visitors in November last year when we launched the new website and membership options.

Facebook referred 1286 page views to the website

The HD8 Network Page on Facebook has nearly 1200 Likes and reached 758 people last week (26th November – 2nd December 2016) with 90 Post engagements.

The Facebook Group has 475 members.  There are also a range of focused Facebook Groups.

We have 2357 followers on our HD8 Network handle on Twitter and are following 2177. Our tweets earn 24.9k impressions in the last 28 days. On average we earn 3 link clicks, 2 retweets and 2 likes per day.

The Linkedin Group has 154 members and the Company Page has 57 Followers, both of these areas are admittedly currently totally underutilised.

Information correct as of 3rd December 2016

Read the full report here

Background info on the HD8 Network

The HD8 Network was first created in April 2013, initially on Social Media.

In July 2013 the HD8 Network started to offer a physical offline networking at the monthly Meet Up events and a website was started later in the year.

The HD8 Network undertook a rebranding exercise in the summer of 2015, held the first HD8 Business Show in the August 2015, with a subsequent one in October 2016 and the new website and membership packages were launched in November of 2015.

Further improvements have been made to the website since and is part of a continuous improvement strategy.


Read the full report here

If you would like to comment or question any of the above please contact us at

Find out how you can join the HD8 Network and promote your organisation and activities in and around the HD8 area?

Christmas Angels | Lawrence Batley Theatre

This year for the first time in 10 years LBT are producing our own show for Christmas and it will be a traditional family pantomime – Cinderella.

As always at LBT we want to do all we can to make sure as many local people as possible can have access to, and benefit from, our activities and so this year we are launching our Christmas Angels project. We are asking local people and businesses if they could give small amounts of money to enable us to give local children in need an unforgettable Christmas experience at the pantomime. It’s a particularly good time to make a difference as the Arts Council of England will give us an additional pound for every pound donated.

Download a leaflet for more information

Box Office: 01484 430528
twitter: @theLBT
Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2SP


Do you have news you want to share with the people who work, rest or play in the HD8 area of Huddersfield?

Email details to

Structured 121 networking

Come and attend are structured networking sessions and have short conversations with fellow local businesses and see if you want to chat further.

Afterwards you will feel more at ease talking to the fellow attendees during the rest of the event

At our monthly Meet Ups networking events, we then listen to a speaker and eat a meal.  Quite often there will be a table discussion, but individual conversations do develop.

At the Business Show there will be numerous opportunities to deepen the initial 121.  You’ll be comfortable and relaxed sitting together listening to the speakers, participating in the group sessions or chatting with the exhibitors.

We are a network.  By building connections and working together we all profit.

We believe in the HD8 area, whether you work, rest or play here.

It is a beautiful, vibrant place with many hidden gems.

Come a reveal yourself at our friendly, relaxed business networking events on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Woodman Inn or at our HD8 Business Show on Wednesday 12th October at Emley Welfare Ground.

Exhibitors at the HD8 Business Show

Would an exhibitor stand at the HD8 Business Show benefit your business?

All exhibitors at the HD8 Business Show will have the ability to record contact details of attendees and the areas they visited.

Using the QR codes printed on the delegate badges, sponsored by the Kirklees Branch of the fsb, using technology provided by Conference Badge.

You will be able to swipe the badges, collecting delegate details using a simple app on your phone, enabling you the ability to keep track of all the people you speak to – with their permission of course.

As a thank you for supporting the HD8 Business Show, we will also provide you with a list of those who signed up and attended the show- although without email addresses, as direct permission to contact cannot be given as it is a free event for the delegates.  For all participants including exhibitors, we will however share your details with whomever you wish on the delegate list.

You are also welcomed to contribute content to be shared on our blog and social media communications up to and after the event.

All this is included with the price of a stand!

It is not just a table you are getting; instead think of it as participation in an experience and of the exposure your business will get.

If the thought of a tableclothed stall accompanied by banner stands and promotional material, with pitching salespeople puts you off, why not do something different?

For example we could arrange a comfy seating area, for delegates and yourself to have friendly relaxed conversations.  You could bring a board of knobs and screws or show us your waterworks.

And don’t forget you are also welcome to join other delegates and participants in structured 121’s as seen at the HD8 Network’s monthly Meet Ups at the Woodman Inn.

The aim of the HD8 Business Show is connect you and make your business flourish and we want you to benefit from speaking to as many people as you can, on the day and afterwards.


HD8 Business Show at Emley Welfare Ground

This year’s HD8 Business Show will be held on the 12th October 2016 at Emley Welfare Ground.

Think Forensic SkelmanthorpeFor those of you that know of last year’s event, you will know that I chose a quirky venue. Let me tell you a story … One day in January 2015, I visited the awe inspiring Sue at Think Forensic and their new venue in Skelmanthorpe.

While I was walking around looking at the crime scene rooms and the street connecting them, we were chatting and she mentioned the successful Christmas fair she had just held and I suggested the idea of using her premises for a Business Show.

Seven months later HD8 had its first small business trade show.

Local businesses, most of whom I have built relationships with, took stands and chatted with the delegates who attended free of charge.

HD8 Network Business Show 2015There were also a range of speakers talking about business related matters.  In smaller rooms – the aforementioned crime scenes (but not the blood spatter room) there were more personal sessions.

It all went amazingly and it was the perfect choice of venue.

Any way as I was saying …. For those of you that know about last year, I love quirky buildings. I love the beauty, history and narrative the building gives.


This year I have chosen Emley football club and surrounding area for the HD8 Business Show

WHD8 Emley Towerhy wouldn’t I? The whole of Yorkshire looks up to Emley. Well that was my argument for wanting to call my daughter Emley.

HD8 Emley Cross

Emley is such a beautiful little village on top of a tall hill. And it has a very big tower on it, which sends tele-signals to the surrounding areas. (Btw my daughter is called Elizabeth.)

The Emley Welfare Ground is a fantastic location with 3 amazing venues with hospitable and friendly managers running them.

A couple of guys from AFC Emley checked out our networking group a few years ago and invited us down to a match. A year later we had had the first HD8 Business Show and I was dreaming about building on the success and planning the second, thinking of a venue, when I remembered the support AFC Emley had also provided promoting this big (potentially) annual event. So I approached Andrew Painten and went to visit the club, being informed there were 2 other buildings as well.

HD8 AFC EmleyWhen I got there I remembered how much parking there was available and headed optimistically to the clubhouse. On my way out to visit the other venues I enquired what was down the corridor. I was shown to the dressing rooms. A bit like Goldilocks I was shown a big room, a medium size one and a … yep you’ve guessed it … a small one. And it clicked; I could see shirts on the walls and benches lined up …. This would be a perfect speaker venue.

I then visited the Emley Youth and Community Centre and was show a newly renovated building with a large open plan kitchen, dining area and activity room.

I was then shown to the Wentworth, which is a lovely square shaped building with the bar across half of the back wall with a seating area in front of it. Then to your right is a big smart, pleasantly decorated function room with good flooring and comfortable long saddles at each end.

How perfect! I just had to pick a date and invite you to join us in making this day a success. (haha, yeah of course it has been that easy).

Book your free delegate tickets here –

Find out more about the HD8 Business Show

Heritage Open Days – Thursday September 8 to Sunday September 11 ​

Under the annual national Heritage Open Days scheme, thousands of volunteers invite us to experience free of charge local history, architecture and culture.

Two wonderful buildings in the HD8 area will feature again this year.

High Flatts Quaker Meeting House

The High Flatts Quaker Meeting House down Firth Lane is a very early Quaker meeting house from c1653 and is situated in a beautiful hamlet which was until recently exclusively Quaker owned. The building is produced in local stone and can offer spectacular views over magnificent rolling countryside.

Guided visits will be offered from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre

The Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre on Queen Street is a “one-up one-down” former weaver’s cottage. The downstairs family-living quarters have been maintained & furnished as in c1900. Upstairs is an authentic hand-loom in working condition, along with fascinating displays & artefacts linked to our textile history.

Guided visits 12 noon to 6 p.m. Thursday & Friday and 10a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday & Sunday.
Loom demonstrations 12 noon to 3p.m. Thursday & Friday; 1p.m. to 4p.m. Saturday & Sunday.

Free parking, toilets & refreshments are available at the nearby Savoy Community Centre at the junction of Lodge Street & Elm Street.

Leaflets for self-guided walks along the Skelmanthorpe Village Trail will be available or can be downloaded from .

For more information nationwide see

A visit to Jelly Beans in Springfield Mills, Denby Dale

On Thursday I spent a lovely long lunchtime in Springfield Mills in Denby Dale.  After my daughters Swinbabes swimming lesson at Inkermann Pool in Denby Dale, I thought I’d take her to Jelly Beans as her Grandparents, who usually look after then, were on holiday.

Jelly Beans Springfield Mills Denby DaleIt is the first time we’d been since the new owners took over and we were really impressed with the changes that they had made.  It seemed so much bigger.  When I say seemed, it actually was.  There are no longer the double doors to get in and what I assume was a storage area is now an imaginative play area with wooden kitchens and other role play toys.

New Owners Jelly Beans Springfield Mills Denby Dale



The counter has been extended and there seemed to be more tables.  There is a new structure in the middle with different ways to climb and explore, although I think it is definitely too small for adults to join in, but they can be right by the little ones at all times.

The other massive change is the addition of the party room; there have been more walls removed, which again I assume must have been a storage area.  The party room is sectioned off area with low walls and a gate and there is a low table with little chairs seated around it.

The menu has had a bit of a jig, but is near enough the same, basically sandwiches, jacket potatoes and salad, with numerous cakes on the counter.  The salmon and cream cheese bagel seemed to be popular order, as I noticed a few people were served it and the kid’s picnic meals are served in mini shopping baskets.

Tracey Bongo Beats Jelly Beans

Bongo Beats jelly beans 448x252
An added bonus was that Tracey from Bongo Beats came along for a half an hour session included in the price of play; this apparently happens every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  It was a great introduction to what she offers, other than a birthday party, we’ve not had the chance to experience her sessions as my daughter has always been at nursery when they are on elsewhere.

Jelly Beans Springfield Mills Denby Dale

The other massive improvement the new owner of Jelly Beans has made is the small touches added to the toilets, transforming the experience.  A pile of nice soaps, hand creams and air freshener, as well as toddler toilet seat, a step and I think there was even a cushioned changing mat on the fold down one.  The extra special touch was the toys hanging from the ceiling above, to distract them when they’re having their nappies changed.

While we were in Springfield Mills we also popped in to say hello and see how Crafty Kids were getting on – what an excellent concept she’s got! Messy creative play for under 8’s!  It is perfect if you want to keep your carpets and walls safe and let someone else do the tidying up whilst not denying your children this vital learning experience.

Of course we also bought some cut off portions of the amazing wedding cakes on offer from Joanna Rose … they are so amazing they are irresistible!  We also had a brief nosey in the Denby Dale Centre’s second hand shop and I had to retrieve nosey britches from wandering into the Curtain Shop – Ashley Interiors.  I did also nip into Hand in Hand Nutrition & Fitness but she had a client with her, so I said I’d comeback another time and she gave me a leaflet detailing the Pilates, Yoga, Boot Camp, Mother and Baby fitness and Metafit classes.

Springfield Field Mills is a great amenity for the HD8 area and Denby Dale in particular; admittedly the building needs some love but the retail units contained within provide enough for you to over look the tired entrance and walkways.

There are many other units not listed above which has no reflection of their appeal, but there is only so many that you can visit with a nearly 3 year old who just wanted to go on the Postman Pat and other rides situated in the corridors.  Why not visit and see for yourself what there is for you.

We have also uploaded the photos to our Instagram and Facebook accounts come and connect with us there.

Would you like to write a blog about the amenities and shops available in the HD8 area?  If so, then please get in touch

The HD8 Network promotes and supports the HD8 area of Huddersfield, whether you work, rest or play here.  Want to find out more about who we are? or perhaps you want to join us and promote your organisation.


HD8 Business Show 2016

We are in the midst of organising the HD8 Business Show 2016

More details coming soon ….

HD8 Network Business Show 2015HD8 Network Business Show 2015

If you are interested in being an exhibitor or a speaker, hold breakout sessions, advertising on our website, programme or otherwise at the event or even becoming a sponsor then please register your interest here.

If you would like to attend and be informed of planned activities at the HD8 Business Show 2016 then please sign up to our mailing list.


So Vintage Kirkburton HD8 NetworkToday I spend a lovely afternoon in Kirkburton putting a face to the business and making introductions.   I dropped in on shops and businesses and gave them a flyer, telling them to find us on Social Media and tell everyone about themselves and their offers.

If you manage to find parking in Kirkburton it’s a great place to shop and be beautified – so many boutiques, hairdressers and beauty spas!

Why not stop off for a cup of tea (or cheeky glass of prosecco) in the new So Vintage Tea Rooms & Vintage Dress Shop or buy yourself an outfit in Dare Boutique … or even buy yourself a home at Boultons Harrisons Estate Agents.

Wherever I visited today I was warmly welcomed.

Selling Made Easy – the 3 key elements of sales success

Our speaker at the April HD8 Network Meet Up networking event will be Glyn Selway of Sandler TrainingGlyn Selway of Sandler Training HD8 Network

This short presentation will address the reasons why so many people find selling a scary and distasteful process, and help you take the 3 simple steps to making your sales efforts more efficient, effective and FUN!

Glyn has been involved in B2B sales for longer than he cares to remember, in both capital and consumable sectors, and has been involved with the Sales and Management Development offering of Sandler Training since early 2015.

Come along and hear his easy advice to revolutionise your sales conversion rate.


19th April 2016 between 5 – 7pm at the 315 Bar and Restaurant in Lepton.

There will also be FREE informal networking beforehand starting at 4.30pm


Advanced tickets cost £10 for members and £15 for non-members via and will cost more on the door.

Don’t forget to bring a guest and get a fiver at your next Meet Up.


Bring a guest and get a fiver at your next meeting

Bring a guest and get a fiver at your next HD8 Network Meet Up

In the run up to our 3rd anniversary of networking events we are running a promotion, asking attendees to bring guests to the monthly meetings.  Attendees will be rewarded with a fiver at their next meeting.

July will see us celebrate 3 years of networking events and we want to continue to reach as many businesses as we can.

We pride ourselves in fact that so many people say how much they enjoy and find value from our networking events.  We are also so pleased to hear the positive results of attending the meetings and the further discussions that occur.


HD8 Network Meet Up networking events occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each month between 5-7pm at the 315 Bar and Restaurant.

Booking via is highly recommended otherwise further costs will apply.



Video is now not just important, but essential

Matt Buckingham from will be talking about how Video has not just become important to business, but essential.

He will be divulging how video can drive sales in your business and increase your market share. He will also be discussing what it takes to make a great video, what makes prospective customers want to watch it in the first place, what keeps the viewers watching as well as the secret source that turns them into customers.


15th March between 4.30 -7pm. Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

Book your ticket here –

Facts and Figures February 2016

The HD8 Network was first created in April 2013, initially on Social Media.

In July 2013 the HD8 Network offered a physical offline networking opportunity with the monthly Meet Up events and a website was started later in the year.

The HD8 Network undertook a rebranding exercise in the summer of 2015, held the first HD8 Business Show in August and the new website was launched in November of 2015. Further improvements have since been made in the spring of 2016, which the HD8 Network plans to part of a continuous improvement strategy.

In the last year the website has received nearly 7000 visits, from just under 6000 users and received over 11,000 page views.

The HD8 Network Page on Facebook has over 950 Likes, reaching 7457 people in the last month (February 2016) with a Post Engagement of 1556

The Facebook Group has 220 members.

The Linkedin Group has 146 members and the Company Page has started to gather a following.

We have nearly 2000 Followers on Twitter. Our tweets earn 36.4k impressions in a month. On average we earn 4 link clicks, 3 retweets and 5 likes per day.

Information correct as of 21st February

How to save a life in 10 minutes

Helen Ashcroft from Purple Dog Ltd will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.Helen Ashcroft Purple Dog Meet Up HD8 Network

Is first aid just for the workplace? Well it can be, but what about if something happened to someone you knew, would you know how to save their life in that situation?

– This 10 minutes session shows you how knowing simple pieces of first aid can save lives covering the new and more effective changes to CPR and the recovery position.

– It’s fun, you can have a go at the techniques if you want before dinner, but most importantly you have the knowledge of what to do.

A brilliant session, not to be missed- after all- first aid saves lives- it’s not just for the workplace.

16th February between 4.30 -7pm.  Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

Book your ticket here –

How Earwigs can help you sell more

Philip Gwynne from the Naked Marketing Company will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.The Naked Marketing Company

He will be providing a short presentation that lifts the lid on how advertisers get you to buy…

Learn the “secret messages” in marketing, sales and advertising campaigns.

A fun, amusing and inter-active session that’ll send you away with new tools to help you persuade more people to buy more from you.

Presented by award-winning marketing and business growth specialist Philip J Gwynne (The NAKED Marketing Company).

Check out event details here –

What do motorhomes, a laptop in a Sydney cafe and balloons have in common?

Paula Atherill at HD8 Business Show, John Steel Photography“These all sound like unusual things to talk about in a business presentation. But maybe that’s what we should be doing more of! Most of us run our own businesses because we love what we do and we have aspirations to achieve other things in our lives.

If we all connect more with our lifestyle desires then we can learn to shape our businesses, with the right tools and ideas, to achieve those desires. What we don’t want to do is end up getting lost in the detail of running a business and then lose sight of the reason that we set out in the first place!

In this presentation I’m going to share three different inspirational stories about people that have directed their business towards the ideas and lifestyles that they wanted to achieve. We have extreme travelling, we have a fantastic example of what freedom actually means and we have an example of how you can bring fun into your products and services.

There is one thing in common with all of these examples, something that helped them all to achieve their goals, and that’s what I want to share with you on the 15th.”


Written and provided by Paula Atherill from Creative Analysis our speaker at this months Meet Up networking event.  Book your tickets now –

Promote your events for FREE

This week we have offered that any events that we are informed of before the end of November will be listed on the website for free.  This will enable us to populate and test the website and make any necessary changes.

The HD8 Network event promotion includes a listing on our website calendar, as well as posts on social media and where possible and relevant on email marketing and press releases.

If event organisers are interested in taking up this offer, they are asked to email or Download and return this form

At the moment the process is still manual while development issues are ironed out, however in the future, the information will be able to be entered directly onto the website and payment taken, providing a you seamless and effortless process.

The next stage of our website is now live!

The website is complemented with information about each town and village in the area, a business directory and an events calendar.  The aim is to continue the promotion and support the HD8 postcode area of Huddersfield, connecting customers with businesses and each other.

The HD8 Network earlier this year received a Growth Voucher, a Government match funded grant, administered by Social Progress, to assist them to become more strategic and turn the hobby and passion of Merewyn Sayers into a business.  Following the strategic support Merewyn has worked with Creative Analysis to assist the adoption of Zoho CRM, Mail and Campaigns, with Nunu Creative to create new branding and has been working with Delicious Media to re-develop the website.

The work on the website has taken longer expected due to the interjection and phenomenon of the HD8 Network Business Show in August which slowed the progression of the build, as focus was diverted into building a mini site.

There is further development work planned, including the use of search functions in the directory and calendar, as well as enabling people to sign up and pay for membership and website listings.  However it was agreed due to public demand that the work conducted so far needed to be shared. And so it is now live!

“Our main focus now is to get back in touch with people that have shown interest in the last few months but wanted to see the end result before committing.  We are confident they will be very impressed, as we are.” says Merewyn from the HD8 Network.