Work, Rest or Play

We aim to be the place you turn to whether you work, rest or play in the HD8 area of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

When we use the term ‘Work’ we are mostly referring to those who run organisations in the area or whose customers live in the area.  The HD8 Network has a number of different ways for those who ‘work’ in the HD8 area to promote their business.  We are also developing a CSR or similar package for those whose customers are further afield.

‘Rest’ is the term we use for the people who live in the HD8 area

‘Play’ is used for those of you who spend your time here for enjoyment reasons; for example to watch or play sports, visit the countryside or to shop or eat – you could be both a visitor or someone who also Rests here.

Do you work, rest or play in the HD8 area?

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