Why be a member? To get found online locally!

If you run a business or community organisation, or run events, there are NUMEROUS reasons why you should become a member of the HD8 Network. However the overriding and most obvious reason is to be found online by local people.

The HD8 Network aims to help more local do and buy more locally (in and around the HD8 area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire).

Are you are familiar with Daniel, from Denby Dale Window Cleaners?

Denby Dale Window Cleaning Services

You may have seen his van about – you might be lucky enough that him or his team come and clean your windows – however until last year you wouldn’t have been able to find him online. He doesn’t do computers!

He cleans my windows at home, and I wanted to call him to see if he did other jobs. However I couldn’t find him online at all. I resolved that I would have to resort to flagging down his van or stalking his route …

When we finally chatted, he advised he does a lot more than simply clean windows and had been looking at ways to tell people about it. So I obviously mentioned the HD8 Network and signed him up.

Visit his listing here – https://www.hd8network.co.uk/directory/denby-dale-window-cleaning-services/

Since becoming a member of the HD8 Network, you can now find him on the first page of Google when you search for “Window Cleaners HD8”.

And this is without him having to spend thousands on building a website or hundreds each month to SEO experts or Google Ads.

In the last week he has been viewed 82 times on our website according to our Google Analytics.  See below –

Similarly if you search “Electrician HD8” you will find both of our new Electrician members (NDS Electrical & Security became members in October and Chris Lockwood Electrical more recently in March).

As mentioned there are MANY other benefits to becoming a member.

We can create news articles like this one we did for BJA Physiotherapy – https://www.hd8network.co.uk/news/why-choose-bja-physiotherpy/

We can share updates on social media for you across our channels which extends your reach, past people that already know you. You can also make use of our fully managed Facebook Groups to promote what you do – we only approve promotional posts for members, to maintain credibility and trust for all.

You can take advantage of Account Manager Meetings to help you maximise your membership … as well as discuss wider marketing and business situations – this is possible because the HD8 Network was created and run by Sayers Solutions who provides marketing and strategy support to small businesses.

And of course, as seen above, you can receive analytics on how many times you have been viewed, rather than how many the publication has been circulated to. However we can of course tell you how many total PageViews there were on the website as well – in the last week there were 16,854 PageViews by 8,076 Users.

There is also the Virtual High Street, Events Calendar and many other ways to highlight what you do.

On top of that, even though our focus is on the HD8 area, because we are online, your exposure isn’t restricted to this postcode and so therefore your directory listing and news articles can be found world wide!

Owww, and you are also having a positive impact on your local community at the same time. That is because the HD8 Network has two types of membership; Community and Business. (In theory) it is the businesses that subsidise the membership for Community Groups and enabling them to get found locally for free!

Want to find out more?

Get in touch for a chat or simply check out the memberships available – www.HD8network.co.uk/Join/