Woman Wellness Wednesday

You are invited to participate in our upcoming Women’s Wellness Event aimed at mothers and daughters in the Bridge Community – covering Kirkburton and Denby Dale Parish. The event will take place on Wednesday 1st 2023 at Skelmanthorpe Community Centre, hosted by The Bridge Community Hub.

The purpose of the event is to promote women’s health, mental health, fitness, and holistic well-being by providing a platform for local businesses and services to showcase their products and services.

This event is aimed at mothers and daughters, aged 12 years and above and plans to be interactive and engaging for all.

There will be interactive experiences, such as workshops or demonstrations, creating an evening of fun and bonding for mothers and daughters and to inspire women from the local area.

You will also have the opportunity to meet local women-led-organisations, providing demonstrations of their products, services and skills and others sharing their stories, providing inspiration and advice.

This event is being organised by Alison Forde, who is the Kirklees Community Hub Co Ordinator. She works in the early support department and her role to link schools, communities and services to support families and help build independent, self-resilient, sustainable communities.

The Hub has identified 3 areas to target this year.

  1. Cost of living support,
  2. Youth provision,
  3. Parental relationships and mental wellbeing.

Which has led Alison to planning the Woman’s Wellness Wednesday event.

Alison hopes to –
• Encourage local businesses to support the event and for them to use the platform to promote themselves and assist residences to shop locally, using services local to them; thus helping with families business finances in the area.

• To showcase some youth provision and leisure activities positively that are available to girls/women in the Kirk burton/Denby Dale wards- clubs, gyms, dance, theatre, Eco hub, art, etc .

• To provide a low cost, relaxed event to give parent and child the opportunity to talk, connect and interact in a positive light and possibly develop onto larger, deeper conversation.

• To encourage and promote health, safety and mental wellbeing for women and girls with a number of services educating, signs posting, displaying promotional materials of resources and programs such as Ask for Angela, Safe zone, Just don’t campaign and many others.

Alison says “I feel that in today society it is important to encourage people to have a positive outlook, with so many people having poor mental health”.

“By having an intergenerational event, we can celebrate and embrace the powerful women in our community, supporting each other, as well as witnessing what we can achieve, when we work together”.

Alison goes on to say “I want to bring the event to rural. Many people feel that this wonderful place is sometimes forgotten. So here is your opportunity to celebrate the power of the women on your doorstep.”

Let Alison know that she can expect you, by emailing bridgecommunityhub@Kirklees.gov.uk and if you are a local women led business or volunteer as part of a committee or group that provide activities for women in the HD8 and surrounding area please also get in touch, there are lots of ways that you can get involved.