Travel Update from James Houtby

Transatlantic breakthrough as Canada added to UK Green list
Canada was on of 7 countries added to the UK’s Green List on the Traffic Light System for re-entry to the UK from 31st August.  This means there is no-self quarantine for non-vaccinated travellers, and only a Day 2 test to take after arrival back in the UK.  The travel industry welcome this move and predict that this will lead to Canada opening its boarders to vaccinated UK travellers, in September.

Italy scraps quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated Brits  
Italy has scrapped its 5-day mandatory quarantine period for UK travellers from 31st August.  This means travellers will need to use their NHS App to provide proof of double vaccination.  Also being an Amber listed country for UK re-entry double vaccinated travellers will be able to avoid UK self-isolation also, with just the test to travel and a post travel Day 2 test requirement.

Business Travel help….
Within excess of 50 changes to testing and quarantine just for inbound travel, let alone the requirements for the traveller’s destinations it is not unfair to say things can be confusing. 

Well let me help you navigate through the requirements, as we enter Q3 & Q4 and a growing need for you to travel.  For those that are already travelling I have received commendations for clarity and support in this respect.  So, save your time and confusion, and let me help provide you with the very latest, and accurate information to allow you to plan and travel, to enhance your business to business growth.

Sports events and hospitality….

As we see a return to full capacity attendance at sports events, the opportunity to attend with hospitality is well priced and available.  Contact myself and James Houtby if this is of interest for all sports from F1, Premiership & European Football, Rugby Union, Horse Racing, Super Bowl and any other sport or music event both in the UK and abroad where entry is permitted. 

Feel free to contact us on for whatever sport or music event you are interested in.

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