Networkers celebrate 2nd Birthday

Tuesday 21st July 2015 saw the HD8 Network celebrate two successful years of networking events.

Think Forensic HD8 Network 2nd BirthdayTo celebrate the milestone, Think Forensic invited attendees into the networking room and talked through a ‘crime scene’ they had set up, providing a mini mystery workshop.  They explained the different ways that fingerprints are taken and how other evidence is collected, including examining blood spatter.  Salwa, owner of AsDahr said “It was really fascinating, I always wondered why they didn’t take fingerprints from light switches but it is so obvious now!”

The group as usual participated in Speed Networking, consisting of 5 minute one-on-one conversations, before one of the pair moves round the room in a circuit, similar to speed dating, enabling everyone to meet at least half the people in the room.

To help celebrate the landmark event the 315 Bar and Restaurant baked a celebration cake which all delegates devoured.  Mark Flynn the photographer said “The cake was so yummy and still warm, freshly baked. I always like an event with cake”.  As usual everyone enjoyed the delicious meal cooked by the 315 Bar and Restaurant.
Can’t attend networking events? Don’t worry, the HD8 Network have also started #HD8hour on Tuesday evenings between 8-9pm on Twitter and are always there on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin waiting to hear your comments, updates and questions.

Images taken by and supplied by Mark Flynn Photography.Examiner HD8 Network 2nd Birthday