• We want to help you create a cleaner, safer, healthier & happier home with ENJO.

    Would you like to save time, protect your health, save our planet, get better results and save money?

    ENJOtex Fibres go pore deep to trap grease, bacteria, dirt in the fibres leaving only water behind. No chemicals needed, just cold water.  Fibre Technology is the only cleaning system that doesn’t transfer dirt and bacteria around.

    After cleaning with the ENJOtex Fibres, dry the surface with our ENJOfil, this leaves the surface clean and dry so bacteria cannot survive and multiply. Our ENJOfils bring out the shine, whilst being chemical free.

  • Kirklees Council

    Kirklees libraries have been providing access to information in many forms for over 100 years. Today we provide supported access to digital information for all our customers. As part of this offer we have knowledge databases to help you explore your potential business ideas, begin your business journey, improve the digital presence of your existing business and provide the factual business data to ensure your business thrives.

    This is the second year that we have attended the HD8 business event. We are looking forward to building on last year’s success.