The next stage of our website is now live!

The website is complemented with information about each town and village in the area, a business directory and an events calendar.  The aim is to continue the promotion and support the HD8 postcode area of Huddersfield, connecting customers with businesses and each other.

The HD8 Network earlier this year received a Growth Voucher, a Government match funded grant, administered by Social Progress, to assist them to become more strategic and turn the hobby and passion of Merewyn Sayers into a business.  Following the strategic support Merewyn has worked with Creative Analysis to assist the adoption of Zoho CRM, Mail and Campaigns, with Nunu Creative to create new branding and has been working with Delicious Media to re-develop the website.

The work on the website has taken longer expected due to the interjection and phenomenon of the HD8 Network Business Show in August which slowed the progression of the build, as focus was diverted into building a mini site.

There is further development work planned, including the use of search functions in the directory and calendar, as well as enabling people to sign up and pay for membership and website listings.  However it was agreed due to public demand that the work conducted so far needed to be shared. And so it is now live!

“Our main focus now is to get back in touch with people that have shown interest in the last few months but wanted to see the end result before committing.  We are confident they will be very impressed, as we are.” says Merewyn from the HD8 Network.