Survey of membership

The HD8 Network constantly reviews and tweaks its offering, to give value to the people who work, rest, or play in the HD8 area.

Our aim is to provide a platform for communication in the local area, giving people the ability to connect with each other and take part in the local community.

Our membership packages offer a range of ways for local organisations to promote themselves.

At the same time, this exposure helps people who rest and play here, to do things locally – for example shop, eat, drink, entertain children, go out for the day, play sports etc etc etc as well as work.  Not all that live here, have had the luxury of having always done so.

It is important to us that our paying members drive value from their membership and achieve the results they are looking for.

We have started to ask the our members if they would be willing to give us 10-20 minutes of their time to provide feedback and market research insight.

We are currently doing this via a Zoom or telephone ‘interview’.

Simply, this is a (hopefully friendly) chat about the membership, where the details will be recorded.  Using this method, will check the questions provide a true qualitative understanding.

Going forward we may then repeat this by electronic survey to gain quantitative data and enable anonymous responses.

If you would be willing to take part in the research, please book yourself a session by clicking here.

Want to find out more about our membership please visit our Join page here