Loveday Membership

In memory of Keith Loveday, our Loveday Membership recognises some of the people or businesses that have had a positive impact on the journey of the HD8 Network, whether they knew it or not.

You will be able to identify Loveday members as the Loveday badge will appear on their directory listing and they will also feature on our our Loveday Membership page (found on the footer).

Keith Loveday sadly passed away suddenly at the end of 2020 and will be missed in the West Yorkshire and wider business community.  He was a very lovely chap, friendly and helpful, as well as very good at what he did.

It was at a networking event that Keith was running in Brighouse in 2013, that Merewyn Sayers was inspired to create the HD8 Network, solidifying ideas that had been forming over the previous years.  However, the sticking point Merewyn had until that point was the name.  It was at this event, with nearly half of the attendees saying they were from the HD8 area, that the name came to her.

Gratitude and recognition are important to Merewyn, and although Keith was probably mostly oblivious that he caused the catalyst for the creation for HD8 Network, his impact on its journey was no less important.

The Loveday Membership also enables the HD8 Network to thank other people and organisations who have helped along the way.