Exhibitors at the HD8 Business Show

Would an exhibitor stand at the HD8 Business Show benefit your business?

All exhibitors at the HD8 Business Show will have the ability to record contact details of attendees and the areas they visited.

Using the QR codes printed on the delegate badges, sponsored by the Kirklees Branch of the fsb, using technology provided by Conference Badge.

You will be able to swipe the badges, collecting delegate details using a simple app on your phone, enabling you the ability to keep track of all the people you speak to – with their permission of course.

As a thank you for supporting the HD8 Business Show, we will also provide you with a list of those who signed up and attended the show- although without email addresses, as direct permission to contact cannot be given as it is a free event for the delegates.  For all participants including exhibitors, we will however share your details with whomever you wish on the delegate list.

You are also welcomed to contribute content to be shared on our blog and social media communications up to and after the event.

All this is included with the price of a stand!

It is not just a table you are getting; instead think of it as participation in an experience and of the exposure your business will get.

If the thought of a tableclothed stall accompanied by banner stands and promotional material, with pitching salespeople puts you off, why not do something different?

For example we could arrange a comfy seating area, for delegates and yourself to have friendly relaxed conversations.  You could bring a board of knobs and screws or show us your waterworks.

And don’t forget you are also welcome to join other delegates and participants in structured 121’s as seen at the HD8 Network’s monthly Meet Ups at the Woodman Inn.

The aim of the HD8 Business Show is connect you and make your business flourish and we want you to benefit from speaking to as many people as you can, on the day and afterwards.