Branding Photography by John Steel

Merewyn Sayers Sayers Solutions Leeds March 2021

Monday this week was the first day that John Steel was officially allowed out to shoot.  So what better way to celebrate than going out and having a little personal brand shoot with Sayers Solutions in Leeds City Centre.  

People worry about having their pictures taken.

Just have fun is John’s advice!  

A good people photographer should be able to get folk to relax and enjoy the session, they should make it seem effortless.  

There is no need for a photographer to tell someone about shutter speeds, ISO, aperture, and the inverse square law.  Build a relationship, find places to shoot and make it enjoyable.  

If you want some pictures taken but are worried, give John Steel a shout and he’ll make sure the shoot is fun and effortless but with fab results.  

John Steel Photography is currently offering an amazing commercial shoot offer – but be quick, he only has 25 spaces available!

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