Phonic Dots

HP Reading Phonic DotsPlay and Stay and pre reading skills

At Phonic Dots we have lots of fun, while learning letter sounds!

At the start of the session we sing songs, learn rhymes and play musical instruments . This part of the session incorporates Phase 1 Phonics, which helps children to tune into and discriminate between sounds made by musical instruments, body percussion and sounds in the environment.

Next, puppets help to introduce the letter sound of the week, and recap other letter sounds taught.

Fun phonic games are used to encourage children to recognise the sounds letters make individually, and in words.

HP Reading Phonic DotsA fun craft activity follows, to further develop recognition of the letter, and the sound it makes.

Children enjoy 20 minutes of free play in the beautifully resourced room.

We end the session with parachute games and a story.

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