Hand Forged Wall Hanger with Hooks


Gate Foot Forge Hand Forged Wall Hanger with HooksThis is a unique hand-forged wall hanger, comprising a steel back plate with forked and scrolled ends, fitted with three forged hooks – each one fixed in place with a copper rivet. There are two fixing holes to screw the plate to the wall.

This is perfect for hanging keys, household objects, or for my mousetail-handled fireplace tools. (The scroll handled versions hand less tidily, as the shovel ends up “side on”… so I wouldn’t recommend this for them).

As standard, the hooks are 10cm apart and the overall length is just over 40cm, but slight variation is inevitable with any handmade product.

If you require a custom size, or a different number of hooks, please get in touch and I’ll work out a quote for you.

The steel is finished in microcrystalline wax.


Hand Forged Wall Hanger with Hooks


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