Work, Rest or Play in HD8

What do we mean when we repeatedly say work, rest or play in the HD8 area?


Well work, sounds simply enough … but more directly we are talking to those who run businesses in the area.

Of course those of you who are employees in the area are also included in this title, however we have not yet developed a platform to properly support a recruitment facility. For the meantime we suggest that this can be done naturally using the Facebook Groups or relying on organisations to demand this facility.

So work, is mostly at this time relevant to the businesses and other types of organisations that operate in the area. Now this also sounds simple, and of course it would be ideal if both your organisation was based in the area along with you customers.  However we say that even if your not, your customers might be and we also totally understand that while your business might be based here, your customers might not be. This is especially the case for our local manufacturers and engineering companies, and the HD8 Network is confident that we have a range of offerings to benefit you as well. You guys might be the driving force to develop a locally resourced recruitment platform …

You don’t have to be a profit making organisation either for Work to apply to you, perhaps you are a church or school or a community group who wants to spread the word and tell more people about your activities.

Rest and Play

This is an area of overlapping categories, and we feel that they cannot be explained alone but instead alongside each other.

Rest refers to those who live here and Play those that enjoy the area and the amenities.

For example you might play football here, or shop in the variety of retail outlets we have or enjoy a meal out at one of our many pubs and restaurants or visit one of our local national tourist attractions.

However you might live here and want to find doctors or dentist information or about volunteering opportunities or opinions about schools. As well as local trades people who can be verified using our social media communities.


Does this help you to identify whether you Work, Rest or Play in the HD8 area and clarify what the HD8 Network is all about?

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