Welcome to Pyjama Drama

HD8 Network members Pyjama Drama believe drama should play a part in every child’s life, but they don’t want to create child actors.  

All their activities are designed to ignite children’s imaginations while developing their life skills—skills they need to lead happy and successful lives—through play. 

Providing opportunities for your toddler or preschooler to do drama is one of the most valuable things you can do. Not to prepare them for a life on stage, but because drama supports the development of life skills.

Pyjama Drama award-winning approach has been doing just that since 2009. They won’t ever make you do anything silly (that’s their job!). Their incredible teachers use Pyjama Drama techniques to engage and entertain your children by creating imaginary worlds for them to explore, play, and learn in.

Every session is unique and gives children chance to experience‘ real life’ situations(such as going on a plane or starting school) and fantastical ones(such as having tea with a giant or riding on a magic carpet). Their classes target life skills that will help your child to make new friends, manage conflict, communicate ideas and feelings, understand others’ emotions, solve problems, make decisions, and believe in themselves-all while developing physical skills, and being lots and lots of fun!

Aileen Rana, Manager of Pyjama Drama Mirfield and Huddersfield has completed her level one Makaton training and use Makaton where possible in all her activities.

As well as her public class for children aged 2-4yrs on a Monday morning at 10:15am taking place at Burton Village Hall, she also deliver sessions for nurseries and provide after school clubs for children aged 3-7yrs.

You can hire Pyjama Drama Mirfield and Huddersfield to provide birthday party entertainment for children up to 7yrs. Find out more at www.pyjamadrama.com

For more details either visit our events calendar or directory listing for more information about Pyjama Drama Mirfield and Huddersfield.