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Unit 4 Dearne Park Ind' Estate,
Park Mill Way,
Clayton West,
HD8 9XJ,


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Theraspace Wellbeing is a Fitness and Wellbeing Company with a special approach to restoring, maintaining and improving your wellbeing and fitness.

Along side the conventional Barbells, dumbbells, Kettlebells and cables machines. I have Powerplate equipment. WBV (whole body vibration) is literally space age technology that is now used globally in most elite faculties, Football, Rugby, Golf etc, as well as universities around the world. Scientifically proven and falling under the title of being a medical device in the UK and EU this piece of kit can; increase strength (faster), Improve balance and coordination, Reduce pain, Reduce the appearance of cellulite, Increase bone density, Improve circulation and cardio’ function, Improve flexibility and mobility. Using targeted vibration therapy we can help the body recover via a mechanical massage that can be done fully clothed.


I also do Sports Therapy which is soft tissue repair/rehab ie muscles, ligaments, tendons.

Sports Massage

Swedish Massage
Indian Head Massage
Mechanical (Powerplate Pulse Gun) Massage, through clothing.
Personal Training
Postural assessments/ correction.
Mobility ie strength with flexibility.
Buddy Sessions ..2 people
Group.. up to 8
Corporate Work bespoke to them.
Visit the Events Calendar to see what classes Theraspace Wellbeing  currently have on, or visit their website Here.

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