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TempleSpa FacialHello, I’m Jackie Howley TEMPLESPA and I love bringing the Spa experience to people at home.

Enjoy a fabulous facial with your favourite people. Get exclusive access to our fabulous collections with free products.

Contact me if you’d like to gather your friends together to have a lovely experience trying these products and grab yourself an exclusive free gift.


I also sponsor lovely people into TEMPLESPA, and help them to develop their own business around their own personal needs.  This can be either a part time hobby that fits around your busy life, or a full time lucrative career.

You can buy products from my online shop or contact me directly.

When you buy directly from me, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a free gift. 

You also get access to personalised help, advice and free consultations from me.

I can offer you an ultimate try before you buy experience, either at home with your friends or privately on a one to one basis (including over the phone or Zoom type call)

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More about TEMPLESPA

What TEMPLESPA do & why

TEMPLESPA create exceptional skincare products and experiences that make a real difference to your skin and soul health. TEMPLESPA believe that your body is a living temple.

Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full.

From our excellent skincare to the exceptional well-being experiences of a TEMPLESPA facial or massage, from our drive to empower women to run their own skincare business, to working in our amazing head office, one thing binds it all together; we live, breathe and love what we do. Welcome on our journey.


Liz and Mark Warom are the founders and owners of TEMPLESPA. They are run their British Brand TEMPLESPA skincare company from West Sussex.

Their story began in the Mediterranean 23 years ago. The warmth, the vibrancy, the wonderful nutritious indigenous ingredients and the love of living life to the full inspired them and still drives them today.


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