We’re data cleaning

We are constantly trying to ensure the contact data we hold in our systems are current and up to date, and that we only make contact with people that want to be contacted.

This month we found we could connect our Eventbrite account and our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  However by doing this, it added all the contact details of the people who had previously booked on to one of our networking events …. Yes all (almost) 8 years worth!!!

Now we know that just because you booked an event once, you might not be interested in hearing anything more from us, and we didn’t want to assume that you might.  So whilst you might have been added to our system, we didn’t subscribe you to our mailing list … however, you might have already subscribed through another channel.

Since connecting the accounts we have sent a number of emails to the people concerned, to let them know what has happened and to invite them to ‘update their preferences’ and let us know if they would like us to stay in touch with them.

However while doing this and checking whether people had responded, we then also realised, to be cyber secure, it is always recommended to never click on links in emails – even if you are sure it is from who you think it is from … what a Catch 22 we found ourselves in …

So in our final email reminder – before deleting them from our records – we have advised that they can find an article on our website, in the News Section (what you are reading now) where they can click on the button (below) to update their records, so we know we can stay in touch.

Update your preference button

If you would like to update your records, even if you have never attended one of our events – we are SO MUCH MORE than a networking event – you can also do so here, by clicking the button (now above).

If you would like to unsubscribe and/or be deleted from our records, whilst we will cry and take it personally (only slightly joking) we would rather you did so, as we would hate to be a nuisance and we would much rather have a higher open and click rate, than we would have number of people sent to.  To unsubscribe please click here or email us to let us know.