Sling Library

Friday 23rd August
10:00 am - 12:30 am
106 School Street

From 10am until 11am we teach safety and what to look out for in a baby sling or carrier. We explain normal infant development and how slings can help you, especially in those precious early days. We help you get fitted to our most hired newborn sling, and then you are welcome to try other styles too. This session is suitable for babies under 5 months.

From 11am to 12.30 we serve our returning guests or older babies than 5m, they get 10-15 minutes fitting of one of our slings or their own. We help ensure that you can carry for as long as you and your child want to. Some children still want picking up at 5/6 and in arms they are heavy, but in a good fitting sling they don’t put as much strain on your body.

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