ENJO UK with Rachel Devereux – Online Demo

Tuesday 8th August 2017
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please come learn about ENJO and how it can revolutionise your cleaning needs in the home, garden and even your skin care routine.
ENJO is a fibre technology that physically traps dirt, dust, grime, grease and bacteria and removes it from your home – giving you results 6 times greater than any conventional cleaner.
As your consultant I am here to help you get to grips with this patented technology which has decades of research proving just how effective it is. It uses a little cold water and a cloth – that’s it! People are genuinely amazed – I’ve even heard them gasp and exclaim WOW! as they see grease being effortlessly removed from their cooker hood! You can hear as the fibres glide through the limescale and soap scum on your bath and then go silent once the surface is clean.
I hate cleaning, but I love ENJO cleaning, even after 8 years of use I am getting the WOW moments when I reluctantly tackle a job I wish was easy – and it is.
ENJO so safe my children clean with me.
At my demo I am holding a raffle to win the Skin Care Zone.

ENJO UK with Rachel Devereux - Online Demo

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