Social Media Communities

Join the conversation with others in the HD8 area on social media

We manage a number of social media communities – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.


Our Facebook Page is – HD8 Network  

Social Media - FacebookWe also have a range of Facebook Groups

HD8 Network Group   HD8 Jobs   HD8 Services   HD8 Social  HD8 Sports and Fitness  HD8 Walking  HD8 Crafting & Creatives

The intention for these groups are to facilitate communication and engagement across the HD8 area on specific topics.

People are able to ask for recommendations, however Businesses are only able to promote their services if they are a member.

Whilst these groups were never intended to buy and sell items, this activity does take place and we just ask that you treat each other with respect and follow through with what you promise, whether if you are selling or buying.  And please sort your issues between yourself, our Admins are not there to mediate issues.

We also have a range of Facebook Groups for parents of children

HD8 Babies   HD8 Children

These groups were initially set up as a support network, however they too have organically developed and grown.


Other social media channels that we use

Social Media - TwitterWhilst Facebook is our most active social media platform, you will also be able to engage with us on many different platforms as well, including –

Twitter/HD8NetworkSocial Media - Instagram


Social Media - LinkedinLinkedin Company Page

Linkedin Group


Google my Business logoGoogle my Business


We look forward to engaging with you there!