Video is now not just important, but essential

Matt Buckingham from will be talking about how Video has not just become important to business, but essential.

He will be divulging how video can drive sales in your business and increase your market share. He will also be discussing what it takes to make a great video, what makes prospective customers want to watch it in the first place, what keeps the viewers watching as well as the secret source that turns them into customers.


15th March between 4.30 -7pm. Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

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How to save a life in 10 minutes

Helen Ashcroft from Purple Dog Ltd will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.Helen Ashcroft Purple Dog Meet Up HD8 Network

Is first aid just for the workplace? Well it can be, but what about if something happened to someone you knew, would you know how to save their life in that situation?

– This 10 minutes session shows you how knowing simple pieces of first aid can save lives covering the new and more effective changes to CPR and the recovery position.

– It’s fun, you can have a go at the techniques if you want before dinner, but most importantly you have the knowledge of what to do.

A brilliant session, not to be missed- after all- first aid saves lives- it’s not just for the workplace.

16th February between 4.30 -7pm.  Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

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How Earwigs can help you sell more

Philip Gwynne from the Naked Marketing Company will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.The Naked Marketing Company

He will be providing a short presentation that lifts the lid on how advertisers get you to buy…

Learn the “secret messages” in marketing, sales and advertising campaigns.

A fun, amusing and inter-active session that’ll send you away with new tools to help you persuade more people to buy more from you.

Presented by award-winning marketing and business growth specialist Philip J Gwynne (The NAKED Marketing Company).

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What do motorhomes, a laptop in a Sydney cafe and balloons have in common?

Paula Atherill at HD8 Business Show, John Steel Photography“These all sound like unusual things to talk about in a business presentation. But maybe that’s what we should be doing more of! Most of us run our own businesses because we love what we do and we have aspirations to achieve other things in our lives.

If we all connect more with our lifestyle desires then we can learn to shape our businesses, with the right tools and ideas, to achieve those desires. What we don’t want to do is end up getting lost in the detail of running a business and then lose sight of the reason that we set out in the first place!

In this presentation I’m going to share three different inspirational stories about people that have directed their business towards the ideas and lifestyles that they wanted to achieve. We have extreme travelling, we have a fantastic example of what freedom actually means and we have an example of how you can bring fun into your products and services.

There is one thing in common with all of these examples, something that helped them all to achieve their goals, and that’s what I want to share with you on the 15th.”


Written and provided by Paula Atherill from Creative Analysis our speaker at this months Meet Up networking event.  Book your tickets now –