How do we communicate

We thought we’d take a moment to remind you about the platforms we use to communicate the local knowledge we offer you whether you work, rest or play here.


The main source of information is which has an online events calendar and organisation directory, as well as news blog page for member’s updates and stories and other interesting reports of activities in the HD8 area.

Social Media

We have a strong presence on Facebook, with a Page and a variety of Groups.

The focus for the Page is for us to be able to push information out to you guys and for you to like and comment on as you please.  The Groups on the other hand it’s completely up to you how they are used (within legal and ethical boundaries of course). Groups are communities on Facebook enabling you to communicate with others with similar focuses. Many use groups for selling items, whilst this was never our intention for this to be the case, it is a powerful enabler for us to recycle the loved items we don’t want any more.

We are also active on Twitter, Linkedin and Google + and dabble with Instagram. Again these are mostly used for us to push information out to you guys, but we are a chatty bunch and love a bit of banter and would love to engage with you about the HD8 area (always with a positive attitude of course!) using these platforms.

Physical Meetings

For the past 4 years we have held monthly networking events for businesses and other organisations to meet and build relationships, finding new customers, sources of information and shared interests.

We have also held 2 Business Shows, which were full day events revolving around seminars and exhibitors as well as networking opportunities and business relationships being formed and developed.


We have an email marketing circulation, which we want to develop enabling you to pick and choose whether they wish to hear about Work, Rest or Play topics.


But none of this works without you, so whether you Work, Rest or Play in the area, get involved and join in.

Engage with us on social media, visit our website, sign up to our mailing list and if you are an event organiser list your event or activities on our online calendar and if you are a business or other organisation then at least get a basic listing on our online directory.

If you would like to find out more about the promotion aspects of the HD8 Network please visit www.HD8 or contact us to chat about it.

Facts and Figures December 2016

We have 184 Members of varying degrees and a Mailing List of over 1400.

In the last year received nearly 8000 visits, from just over 6000 users and received just under 16,000 page views.

Last month there were 680 sessions on the website. In October, when we held this year’s Business Show there were 916 sessions and we saw heightened traffic on the website since we started to announce the show.  We also saw a large number of visitors in November last year when we launched the new website and membership options.

Facebook referred 1286 page views to the website

The HD8 Network Page on Facebook has nearly 1200 Likes and reached 758 people last week (26th November – 2nd December 2016) with 90 Post engagements.

The Facebook Group has 475 members.  There are also a range of focused Facebook Groups.

We have 2357 followers on our HD8 Network handle on Twitter and are following 2177. Our tweets earn 24.9k impressions in the last 28 days. On average we earn 3 link clicks, 2 retweets and 2 likes per day.

The Linkedin Group has 154 members and the Company Page has 57 Followers, both of these areas are admittedly currently totally underutilised.

Information correct as of 3rd December 2016

Read the full report here

Background info on the HD8 Network

The HD8 Network was first created in April 2013, initially on Social Media.

In July 2013 the HD8 Network started to offer a physical offline networking at the monthly Meet Up events and a website was started later in the year.

The HD8 Network undertook a rebranding exercise in the summer of 2015, held the first HD8 Business Show in the August 2015, with a subsequent one in October 2016 and the new website and membership packages were launched in November of 2015.

Further improvements have been made to the website since and is part of a continuous improvement strategy.


Read the full report here

If you would like to comment or question any of the above please contact us at

Find out how you can join the HD8 Network and promote your organisation and activities in and around the HD8 area?

Structured 121 networking

Come and attend are structured networking sessions and have short conversations with fellow local businesses and see if you want to chat further.

Afterwards you will feel more at ease talking to the fellow attendees during the rest of the event

At our monthly Meet Ups networking events, we then listen to a speaker and eat a meal.  Quite often there will be a table discussion, but individual conversations do develop.

At the Business Show there will be numerous opportunities to deepen the initial 121.  You’ll be comfortable and relaxed sitting together listening to the speakers, participating in the group sessions or chatting with the exhibitors.

We are a network.  By building connections and working together we all profit.

We believe in the HD8 area, whether you work, rest or play here.

It is a beautiful, vibrant place with many hidden gems.

Come a reveal yourself at our friendly, relaxed business networking events on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Woodman Inn or at our HD8 Business Show on Wednesday 12th October at Emley Welfare Ground.

Video is now not just important, but essential

Matt Buckingham from will be talking about how Video has not just become important to business, but essential.

He will be divulging how video can drive sales in your business and increase your market share. He will also be discussing what it takes to make a great video, what makes prospective customers want to watch it in the first place, what keeps the viewers watching as well as the secret source that turns them into customers.


15th March between 4.30 -7pm. Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

Book your ticket here –

How to save a life in 10 minutes

Helen Ashcroft from Purple Dog Ltd will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.Helen Ashcroft Purple Dog Meet Up HD8 Network

Is first aid just for the workplace? Well it can be, but what about if something happened to someone you knew, would you know how to save their life in that situation?

– This 10 minutes session shows you how knowing simple pieces of first aid can save lives covering the new and more effective changes to CPR and the recovery position.

– It’s fun, you can have a go at the techniques if you want before dinner, but most importantly you have the knowledge of what to do.

A brilliant session, not to be missed- after all- first aid saves lives- it’s not just for the workplace.

16th February between 4.30 -7pm.  Informal but structured networking with a sit down meal.

Book your ticket here –

How Earwigs can help you sell more

Philip Gwynne from the Naked Marketing Company will be our speaker at this months Meet Up business networking event.The Naked Marketing Company

He will be providing a short presentation that lifts the lid on how advertisers get you to buy…

Learn the “secret messages” in marketing, sales and advertising campaigns.

A fun, amusing and inter-active session that’ll send you away with new tools to help you persuade more people to buy more from you.

Presented by award-winning marketing and business growth specialist Philip J Gwynne (The NAKED Marketing Company).

Check out event details here –

What do motorhomes, a laptop in a Sydney cafe and balloons have in common?

Paula Atherill at HD8 Business Show, John Steel Photography“These all sound like unusual things to talk about in a business presentation. But maybe that’s what we should be doing more of! Most of us run our own businesses because we love what we do and we have aspirations to achieve other things in our lives.

If we all connect more with our lifestyle desires then we can learn to shape our businesses, with the right tools and ideas, to achieve those desires. What we don’t want to do is end up getting lost in the detail of running a business and then lose sight of the reason that we set out in the first place!

In this presentation I’m going to share three different inspirational stories about people that have directed their business towards the ideas and lifestyles that they wanted to achieve. We have extreme travelling, we have a fantastic example of what freedom actually means and we have an example of how you can bring fun into your products and services.

There is one thing in common with all of these examples, something that helped them all to achieve their goals, and that’s what I want to share with you on the 15th.”


Written and provided by Paula Atherill from Creative Analysis our speaker at this months Meet Up networking event.  Book your tickets now –